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save extension for advance magento wishlist later

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Magento Advance Wishlist Extension by Knowband

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Magento Advance Wishlist Extension seamlessly integrates into your Magento store and provides an option the Online customer to save their favorite or shortlisted products for future buying intention. These saved wishlist products help the shoppers to next time when they visit the website it saves a lot of time. Along with other features like responsive mobile design, detailed analysis of the sales report, easy customization of the shopping cart page and other functionalities that has made it as one of the most bankable Magento extensions for your online store.

Benefits of Magento Advanced Wishlist plugin to the Merchant:

  1. Magento advance wishlist extension by Knowband allows the store admin to track the customer requirement.

  2. Magento WishList extension helps in better understanding of the likes and dislikes of the users by analyzing their wishlist.

  3. The Admin can change the layout of the Save For Later block by changing the button text and color form the backend of the Magento advance wishlist extension.

  4. The Magento save for later extension by Knowband enables the store merchant to allows the Guest Customer to browse the website and save the favorite product into their wishlist.

  5. Admin can promote other trending products in the store.

  6. With the help of the Magento advance wishlist extension, the Magento store admin can analysis the customer How many customers save the no of the products.

  7. This Magento save for later extension helps the admin in increasing the customer engagement.

  8. This Magento save for later extension is mobile responsive.

  1. For more information about the Knowband Magento Advance Wishlist Extension:
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