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OpenCart Mobile App Builder by Knowband

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With the increased popularity of mobile phones, an eCommerce mobile app can considerably increase the number of customers, thereby giving a boost to your business brand. This will increase the overall revenue of the website. Most of the online shoppers prefer the mobile application of the eCommerce store for shopping the products. The simple layout and easy navigation of app result in increased popularity levels of mobile apps.

Keeping in mind about the growing demands of customers, Knowband has brought OpenCart Mobile App Creator extension allows the store admin to transform their store into a pair of the optimized mobile application. The complexity of the development process might worry the admins towards creating an app for their OpenCart store. But, with Mobile App Builder for OpenCart, you can easily go for a feature-rich extension that brings smartest Android and iOS solutions for you.

OpenCart Mobile App Builder extension upgrades your eCommerce store into an interactive and featured eCommerce mobile application (Android and iOS) without facing any hassles. The OpenCart Mobile App Builder is the perfect non-coding solution to build a mobile app without any coding or technical knowledge.

Steps to create an eCommerce Mobile App:

Quickly follow the given steps to convert your site into a mobile app for Android and iOS:

1. Purchase OpenCart mobile app builder module and install the zip file on your OpenCart store.

2. The store admin will be asked to fill up a form and share the details of the required mobile application to the development team of Knowband. The eCommerce merchants can even specify their custom requirements to the team, the changes that they want to incorporate into the application. The admin needs to share the following details regarding the app:
a) Splash Image (1280x1920 png)
b) App Icon (512x512 png)
c) Website URL
d) Website Name
e) Social Login option(Google and Facebook)
f) Theme Colors.

4. After the app is developed as per the specifications shared to the team, the apk file of the app will be delivered to the admin which can be later published on the Google Play Store and Apple App store.

New Feature Update with OpenCart Mobile App Maker:

1.Customizable Home Screen Layout: The OpenCart Mobile App Builder allows the store admin to customize the home screen layout as per various occasions and events. Various attributes and elements are available in the module backend for home screen customization:

a) Top Categories
b) Square Banner
c) Grid Banner
d) Sliding Banner
e) Countdown Banner (Flash Sale)
f) Square Products
g) Grid Products
h) Sliding Products
i) Products recently accessed

2. Brand Recognition: The OpenCart Mobile App Creator promotes your brand as well by displaying the store logo on the header of the mobile app. The store admin can add the logo image from the admin panel.

3. Gamified E-mail Subscription Pop-up: The OpenCart Mobile App Builder displays the gamified e-mail subscription pop-up on mobile apps. This functionality will only work if KnowBand’s OpenCart Spin and Win Module are installed on the store.

4. Multiple Color Choices: The OpenCart Mobile App Maker offers multiple color options for your mobile apps. The store admin can choose the desired theme color, button color, the background color for your app.

5. Layered Navigation: The OpenCart Mobile App Creator offers layered navigation (filter and sort) along with swipe products display. The users can easily get their desired products on the app without any hassle.

6. Quick Login Options: The OpenCart Mobile App Builder module provides multiple login options in the app:

a) Google and Facebook Login
b) OTP and Fingerprint Login

7.Multiple Live Chat Support: The OpenCart Mobile App Builder for Android and iOS offers multiple seller-buyer chat options in the app. The store admin can easily resolve the user’s issues without any hassle:

a) Zopim Live Chat
b) WhatsApp Chat

Additional features of OpenCart Mobile App Builder:

Along with the ease and flexibility in the development of the app, the OpenCart Mobile App Creator offers a list of features. Let’s have a quick overview of the features below:

1. The site admin can choose from a number of themes and fonts offered with OpenCart Mobile App Builder Extension.

2. The OpenCart store owners have the flexibility to sell all types of products on the app using OpenCart Mobile App Maker including simple, configurable, grouped, bundled or virtual products.

3. The OpenCart Mobile App Builder module supports all types of website payment options on eCommerce mobile app. The module by default provides PayPal and COD on the apps. The store admin can even incorporate other native payment methods like Stripe, Braintree, PayU, Amazon Pay, Google Pay etc.

4. The OpenCart Mobile App Builder extension also supports all types of shipping methods on eCommerce mobile apps.

5. The OpenCart Mobile App Maker supports all types of coupons and vouchers on the mobile apps which will help in building a strong customer base.

6. Real-time synchronization feature of OpenCart Mobile App Creator for Android/iOS automatically synchronizes the apps with the website. All the website changes are automatically reflected on the mobile apps. This feature greatly helps in reducing the admin side efforts.

7. The mobile apps developed using OpenCart Mobile App Maker are optimized for tablet and mobile devices which ensures a smooth working of app for all devices.

8. Apps created using OpenCart Mobile App Builder plugin come up with multi-lingual compatibility and even support RTL writing style for international customers.

9. The simplified checkout process of eCommerce OpenCart Mobile App Builder reduces the chances of cart abandonment to a great level.

10. The wish list option of OpenCart mobile apps allows the customers to save their products for future use.

11. Online shoppers can easily track their orders using an OpenCart Mobile App created using eCommerce mobile app creator.

12. OpenCart Mobile App Builder module even offers the feature of unlimited push notifications through which they can timely send alert and notification to their customers.

13. The OpenCart Mobile App Maker provides advanced voice search functionality in Android apps for easy product search. This feature is missing in iOS apps as of now.

Advanced Marketplace feature of OpenCart Mobile App Builder:

If you are using our OpenCart Marketplace module on your store the OpenCart Mobile Apps allow you to bring the entire marketplace on the mobile apps. KnowBand even provides you both Marketplace and a mobile app in the combo pack of OpenCart Advanced Marketplace with Mobile App module.

For any further query or custom change options feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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