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What all benefits are offered by Prestashop One Click Checkout Addon to Merchants and Customers

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What all things a customer looks for on any eCommerce website. Well, a genuine shopper opts for easy and secure shopping options while purchasing a product from the website. Due to lack of time, customers want to instantly buy their favorites without considering other cart items at that moment. So Knowband brings Prestashop one click checkout addon that offers a rich and user-friendly interface to the users and the eCommerce merchants at the same time. With this Prestashop fast cart checkout addon the shoppers can shop for individual items directly using Buy Now button feature on every product page of the Prestashop store.

Benefits for the eCommerce merchants

  1. Prestashop quick checkout addon adds a direct purchase button for every store product which enhances your store functionalities.
  2. Leads to reductions in cart abandonment level which benefits in increasing conversion rates.
  3. This Prestashop single button checkout addon attracts more online customers due to its direct checkout flexibility.
  4. Prestashop Easy and Fast Checkout addon enables the store admins to customize the direct checkout button as per the store theme which will considerably enhance the user experience.
  5. Ease of using the backend interface of Prestashop one click checkout addon.

How is the Prestashop direct checkout addon advantageous to the customers?

  1. The Prestashop instant checkout addon helps customers in easy buying of a single product.
  2. Direct buy of Prestashop single click checkout addon provides a hassle-free and time-saving user experience.
  3. For mobile and tablet users, Prestashop direct checkout provides responsive UI designs as for website users.
  4. One product buy will not affect the saved cart items of the shoppers.
  5. In case the customer is not able to complete the direct checkout process for a product, then Prestashop One Click Checkout Addon will automatically add that product to the existing cart.
  6. Quick Buy experience using Prestashop fast cart checkout will trigger them to purchase more deals from the Prestashop store.

So whats next! Facilitate this single buy feature on your Prestashop stores to connect with your more happy customers.

  1. Prestashop One Click Checkout Addon module:
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  5. Video Tutorial for Prestashop One Click Checkout Addon:
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