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Ecommerce payment PayPal Direct Prestashop addon

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Prestashop PayPal Direct Payment Addon by Knowband

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Prestashop PayPal direct payment addon allows the customer to add the Paypal payment functionality to your store. The Prestashop PayPal payment module allows the customer make the payment via PayPal their credit and debit cards without having to log into their PayPal account.

Features of the Prestashop PayPal Payment Addon:

  1. Prestashop PayPal payment addon by Knowband allows the store admin to enable/disable the module as per the requirement.

  2. This Prestashop PayPal payment module is offers the fast and secure payment method.

  3. The eCommerce merchant can create the sandbox account for testing purchase from the back-end of the Prestashop paypal direct payment addon.

4.The Store admin can enable or disable the Prestashop extension as per desires.

  1. The Prestashop PayPal product payment extension addon offers the Sandbox mode or Live mode.

  2. This Prestashop PayPal direct payment addon is compatible to multiple store.

  3. The Prestashop Direct PayPal payment module is SSL compatible.

  4. The Prestashop PayPal payment addon helps admin to increase the conversion rate of the website.

  5. This Prestashop PayPal Direct Payment adddon is build the brand loyalty.

  6. Prestashop PayPal product payment module is increases the brand awareness.

  7. This Prestashop PayPal payment is secure and reliable payment method.

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