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Knowband\'s Prestashop Mobile App Builder - Upgrade your eCommerce website into mobile app

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Earlier, if an eCommerce businessman wanted to convert an online store into the smart-phone app, it had a long and tedious process. Knowband reduced this burden of store owners by creating eCommerce mobile app maker for Prestashop store owners. Using Prestashop mobile app builder module any eCommerce business can be brought on handheld devices (Android/iOS) easily without using any technical knowledge.

Prestashop eCommerce mobile app creator addon provides real-time synchronization between the online website and mobile app which automatically fetches data from web store to mobile app. Mobile application developed with this module supports all the latest versions of Android and iOS.

GDPR Update in the Prestashop Mobile App Maker Plugin(New Update):

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation and it is a part of Europe digital privacy. GDPR is a set of protocol which is designed to give more control over their personal data. The aim of GDPR data policy is to simplify the regulatory environment for business so with this both business as well as citizens can fully benefit from the digital economy.

So, with this update in the Prestashop Mobile App Builder both users and business will feel secure in the digital world. As information is one of the important thing for any business or users as well. Thus, with this update anybody need to ensure that using the personal data of anybody will fall under the terms and conditions of GDPR. So, the mobile apps developed with the new Prestashop Mobile App Builder will provide an option to the users that s/he can get the data and delete the data by sending the request from the my account section of mobile app. You can easily display the terms and condition of GDPR on the following screens:

1. Login Page
2. Sign-Up Page
3. Payment Page
4. Checkout Page
5. Address Screen
6. Guest Login Screen

Additional benefits with PrestaShop Mobile App Maker:

1. Home Page Layout Enhancements:

KnowBand has brought a new update in Prestashop Mobile App Builder by letting the store owners optimize the layout of the home screen of mobile apps. This provides full flexibility to the merchant to change the look and feel of the home screen whenever required. All you need to do is to set the positioning and upload the banners as per various occasions and events. The store admin can customize the following attributes on the Home screen :
Top categories
Square Banner
Horizontal Sliding Banner
Grid Banners
Countdown Banner
Grid Products
Horizontal Sliding Products

2. Gamified Pop-up Subscription:

The Prestashop Mobile App Builder module now allows the store owners to provide a gamified interface on the app users. This pop-up wheel functionality can be added with Knowband's Spin and Win module in the backend.

3. White Label App:

Knowband has come up with an enhancement in mobile app branding strategies. The Prestashop mobile apps allow you to showcase the logo of your business and promote your brand.

4. Quick login:

The Prestashop Mobile App Maker brings various quick login options in the mobile apps:
Google and Facebook Login
Fingerprint Login
OTP Authentication

5. Multiple Seller-buyer Chat Options

Your connection with the users is the key to the enhanced sales on your store. The Prestashop Mobile App Builder bridges the gap between the seller and buyer with following chat options:

Zopim chat
Whatsapp chat

6. Swipe products display:

The Prestashop Mobile App Builder module provides swipe products display in the Android/iOS mobile apps. The online shoppers can easily view products by swiping right or left on the product screens.

7. Multi-Level Categorization:

The Prestashop Mobile App Creator displays the multi-level categories in the mobile apps. The products up to 3-field categorization are displayed effectively.

8. Choose CMS pages:

The Prestashop Mobile App Builder for Android/iOS allows the merchants to choose the desired CMS pages from the backend to be displayed on the app.

9. Choose Shipping Methods:

The Prestashop Mobile App Maker allows you to choose favorable shipping methods for your app. The store owner can restrict the shipping methods from being displayed on the applications.

10. Add to Cart Redirection:

The Prestashop mobile apps let you control the redirection of the Add to Cart button. You can either send the users to the cart or keep them on the product page for additional browsing.

Key Features:

• Design Control - Prestashop eCommerce Mobile App Builder for Android/iOS provides multiple themes to the mobile app. Prestashop store merchants can easily choose a theme matching to their desktop website. If required, store owners can even get access to web admin interface to personalize their mobile app according to their choice.

• Tablet and Mobile Support - Apps developed by Prestashop eCommerce mobile app creator addon are tablet and mobile optimized. Adaptive app design is compatible with every handheld device such as smart phone, tablet, iPhone and iPad.

• Web store and mobile app Synchronization - Prestashop Mobile App Builder Extension offers real-time synchronization between the desktop website and mobile app. Real-time synchronization automatically fetches all the information from web store to the app without any manual effort input.

• All sorts of products support - Prestashop eCommerce app maker is compatible with all types of products. Whether the product is single, bundled, grouped or virtual, all are supported in the mobile app.

• Quick Login through social media accounts - Prestashop Mobile App Maker provides a quick and efficient login option through Facebook and Google accounts. Users need not share their personal details over and over again.

• Layered Navigation - Prestashop Mobile App Builder Addon provides layered navigation to search products in the mobile app. Users can filter products, sort them and even add limits to find their desired products quickly.

• Multi-lingual Compatibility - Prestashop eCommerce mobile app creator for Android/iOS provides multi-lingual support to the mobile app. Prestashop store owners can display their app in many languages. Prestashop eCommerce app maker even supports RTL languages.

• Voice Search(For Android apps) - Prestashop eCommerce mobile app creator for Android/iOS enables voice search to provide immediate search results to the customers. Customers can give voice search commands in Android apps only as of now.

• Wish List - Mobile app addon for Prestashop provides wish list in your mobile app. It enhances the shopping experience by letting users save their favorite products for later purchase. It increases sales ratio and conversion rate of the store.

• All types of coupons support - Prestashop Mobile App Builder Extension supports all types of the coupon to the mobile app. Mobile coupon is the best way to provide offers to users and also reduces cart abandonment rate.

• One page Checkout - Instead of multiple page checkout, Prestashop eCommerce Mobile App creator provides one-page checkout. All the multiple page steps are narrowed down to a single page providing a simplified approach of checkout to users.

• Multiple Shipping and Payment methods - Multiple shipping and payment methods are supported in a mobile app by Prestashop eCommerce Mobile App Maker. Multiple currencies are also supported in the mobile app to target a global audience.

• Unlimited Push Notification - Prestashop Android Mobile App Builder allows push notifications service in the mobile app. The store manager can send personalized push notifications to the user which can be customized from the back-end interface.

• Order Tracking - Prestashop eCommerce mobile app builder for Android/iOS allows order tracking facility for users through a mobile app. It increases customer satisfaction towards the store and also enhances the chances of an additional purchase.

• 24/7 Live Chat Support - Prestashop mobile app builder addon provides Zopim 24/7 live chat service in their application. The store owner can chat with user directly to help them regarding any concern.

Admin Benefits:

• With multi-lingual support on the mobile app, Prestashop store owners can easily target the global and regional customer base.

• Prestashop store admin can motivate the customers to use the app through social login options provided by Prestashop eCommerce Mobile App Creator.

• Order tracking facility on mobile app motivates the user to revisit app, enhancing the chances of more purchase.

• Prestashop store merchants can re-price the products saved in the wish list from the back end interface. Wish list allows store owners to reprice the saved products and helps the seller in understanding current market demand.

• With the help of Prestashop eCommerce mobile app creator for Android/iOS, store owners can send offers to app users through mobile coupons.

• Prestashop eCommerce Mobile App Builder Extension enhances product visibility which helps in gaining store revenue and increased sales.

• Prestashop Android/iOS Mobile App Builder is both mobile and tablet optimized irrespective of user device.

• Prestashop eCommerce mobile app creator addon provides 24/7 live customer support to customers with the help of Zopim live chat through mobile app.

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