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Opencart GDPR extension by Knowband

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GDPR is a latest user data protection method by which the customers get some rights to access their data. There is a compulsion to follow these rules and regulations of GDPR for every eCommerce store admin. Now the eCommerce store admin can easily create an interface for the customers to access the rights provided by GDPR. Knowband Opencart GDPR compliance extensions which showcase an attractive and easy to understand interface on the front end. Here the customers can request for:

  1. Accessing their data.
  2. Rectify their data.
  3. Erase their data.
  4. Download their data.
  5. Restrict the third party to access their data.
  6. Being anonymous.

The customers also get the rights related to the automated decision making.

Salient features of this Opencart General Data Protection Regulation extension:

  1. It offers easy configuration and customization. The admin can make changes according to the requirements.
  2. The customers can access and download personal details, order details and address details.
  3. The OpenCart GDPR plugin keeps log of all the data rectification requests as a proof of the GDPR request processing.
  4. This OpenCart GDPR extension keeps record of all the requests regarding personal data deletion for future reference.
  5. The OpenCart GDPR Suite helps the admin to allow the customers to modify their personal information and address.
  6. OpenCart General Data Protection Regulation module allows data deletion if customer requests for it.
  7. OpenCart GDPR Compliance plugin allows data anonymization if requested by user. Under this request, the personal details of the customer will be deleted.
  8. GDPR module for OpenCart allows fake e-mail generation whenever user requests for it.
  9. OpenCart GDPR extension provides listing of all services which makes automated decisions regarding the customer’s choice or behavior.
  10. OpenCart General Data Protection Regulation module displays a customizable cookie banner on the front end showing notice to users. The admin can also set the look and feel of this banner from the admin panel.
  11. OpenCart EU GDPR compliance module has some ready-made e-mail templates which are sent automatically to the user whenever any user request is placed.
  12. The admin can also set the header menu on the front-end. The admin can also set the text for this header menu.
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