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Prestashop Block User Addon by Knowband

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Security of the customer information is one of the foremost aspect considered in eCommerce industry nowadays. Usually, the customer trusts the security gateways laid down by the store owners for completing any transaction. In a case, some automated program or bot system steals the user data, then this might lead to a distrust among the seller and customers. So Prestashop store owners should implement some kind of security solution to the website that can restrict and block any suspected access from malicious users. Prestashop Block User Addon by Knowband blocks the malicious IP addresses from entering the store and protects the website from any kind of vulnerable threats.

Features of Spam ip block addon

  1. Prestashop block user addon offers an effective and reliable method to block the spammers from accessing the website for any malicious purpose.
  2. Prestashop block bot addon offers three kinds of blocking options to the store owners. Prestashop Block User/bot by IP Addon blocks a particular IP address individually or as a complete range like or 223.190.77.* For blocking a particular user agent like Chrome, Mozilla, Bingbot, msnbot, twengabot, Facebook etc, the admin can opt for Prestashop Block User/bot by User Agent Addon. For restricting a particular country, Prestashop Block User/bot by country is used that blocks the website access for all the users of a country.
  3. Prestashop spam blocker addon provides an effortless way to enable/disable the block functionality on the website.
  4. Using Prestashop Block User Addon, the admin can view the complete list of all the blocked IP addresses.
  5. Prestashop Block Bot Addon provides an option to delete the banishment from backend panel, based on the customer unblocking request.
  6. Spam Ip Block Addon provides multi-store compatibility.
  7. Prestashop spam ip blocker works well with all Prestashop themes without any issues.
  8. The error message flashed on the frontend of blocked user display can be customized from easy to use admin interface of Prestashop Ip Spam Blocker Addon.
  9. The admin can choose to display/hide the header and footer of the website to the banned users as per the requirements. This option is useful when the store merchant wants to feed some information regarding the website to the blocked users.
  10. This Prestashop blocker module works well on all Prestashop versions as well.
  11. Provides multi-lingual compatibility also.
  1. Link for Prestashop Block User Addon module:
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