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Magento Infinite Scroll Extension by Knowband

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Magento Infinite Scroll Extension by Knowband removes the pagination from your Magento website and offers smooth navigation on the store. The Magento fast scroll extension makes it easier for the users to go deeper and deeper into the site. This also increases users interest towards the store because the content continues to appear. The users find it interactive for the longer period of time and get engaged on the website as well. This also increases the chances of conversion.

Functionalities offered by Magento Fast Scroll Extension:

  1. The Magento endless scroll extension by Knowband allows the store admin to select his choice of scrolling at the front end. He can whether select Infinite Scrolling functionality or Load More Products Link at the front end of the website.

  2. The Magento fast scroll extension offers the store admin to display a message at the end of the webpage.

  3. The end page message can be customized as per the requirement.

  4. The Magento infinite scroll extension provides the e-merchants to display a loading message while loading the products.

  5. The store admin can display the “Go To Top” link on the product listing page. On clicking this link, the user will directly jump to the top of the page.

  6. The Magento infinite scroll extension allows the e-merchants to customize the end page message, border color, background color, text color according to his choice.

  7. The store admin can even add custom CSS to it to make the Magento infinite scrolling more attractive.

Advantages of Magento Quick Scroll Extension to the users:

  1. With this Magento fast scroll module, it becomes easier for the users to explore more products without waiting for the page reload.

  2. Makes navigation easier on the store.

  3. The Magento infinite scrolling extension works well with both List View and Grid View.

  1. Magento Infinite Scroll Extension Link:
  2. Magento Infinite Scroll Extension User Manual:
  3. Magento Infinite Scroll Extension Admin Demo:
  4. Magento Infinite Scroll Extension Front Demo:

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