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Prestashop Shipping Timer addon by Knowband

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Now the eCommerce store admin can generate a sense of urgency in customers mind by showing a count-down timer in the website store. Knowband offers Prestashop Shipping Timer addon allows the eCommerce store admin to showcase an attractive count-down timer on the website store. The customer can get the same day delivery of the desired products if they purchase the desired product within the provided time.

With the help of this Prestashop Countdown timer module, the eCommerce store admin can improve the conversion rate of the website and also offer a better store experience to the store visitors. This shipping timer will be enabled for the products, countries, suppliers, manufacturer or categories. The admin can select the specific country, product, supplier, manufacturer or category for showing this timer if they wish to.

Features offered by this Prestashop Shipping Timer plugin:

  1. The admin can install, configure and use this Prestashop Shipping Timer plugin easily without any hassle.
  2. It’s very easy to activate or deactivate this Prestashop Shipping Timer plugin.
  3. The e-merchant can easily showcase a count-down timer on the product pages of the website store.
  4. The e-merchant can select specific countries, suppliers, manufacturers, category or products for showing a countdown timer.
  5. The Prestashop countdown timer addon allows the e-merchant to set the countdown start time and end time.
  6. The days can be selected for showing the shipping timer.
  7. If the admin doesn’t want to show shipping timer on holidays or any special occasions then the dates can be selected for restricting the display of shipping timer.
  8. The Prestashop Shipping Timer plugin is highly customizable. The online store owner can apply the changes easily as per the needs.
  9. This Prestashop Shipping Timer addon offers a user-friendly interface.
  10. The Prestashop Shipping Timer addon supports multiple languages.
  11. The Prestashop Shipping Timer plugin offers mobile responsive layout. The customers can view the count-down timer on their mobile devices also.
  12. The admin can set the look and feel of the count-down timer.
  13. The Prestashop Shipping Timer plugin allows the admin to set the warning if any product cannot be delivered same day.
  14. The Prestashop store admin can view order details easily from the admin panel.
  15. This Prestashop Shipping module offers SSL compatibility.
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