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Prestashop Search Auto Suggest Addon by Knowband

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Knowband offers Prestashop Search Auto suggest module for making product searching easy for the store customers. This Prestashop search auto complete addon automatically shows the products as the search suggestion. This Prestashop quick auto search plugin implements the auto complete search field functionality. Whenever any customer types any query in the search box at the same time the module shows some products as a search result.

Features offered by this Prestashop auto correct search addon:

  1. It is very easy to install and configure this Prestashop search auto complete addon.
  2. The admin can easily activate or deactivate this Prestashop auto correct search module.
  3. The Prestashop search suggestion plugin is highly customizable, the e-merchant can easily customize it as per the requirement.
  4. This Prestashop search suggestion module allows the admin to offer name, description, tags, SKU based searching.
  5. This Prestashop extension automatically completes the search field.
  6. By using this Prestashop search suggest addon the admin can activate products or category based searching suggestions.
  7. Fast ajax search makes product searching easy and faster.
  8. The Prestashop auto correct search module displays the search result with the thumbnail images.
  9. The admin can also hide the price of products in search results.
  10. The e-merchant can set the highlighted color of the text according to the theme of the store.
  11. The Prestashop quick auto search plugin shows the top 10 searches keywords list in the search statistics.
  12. The Prestashop search auto-complete module offers multi-store compatibility.
  13. The Prestashop search suggestion addon is SSL compatible.
  14. The Prestashop search suggests module compatible with all the Prestashop themes.

The eCommerce store admin can this way increase website sales by showing suggestions to the customers. The Prestashop search suggest module makes it easy for the customers to select the product from the website by showing products as suggestions. The online store merchant can set the highlight color text and also set the category/product heading. The online store merchant can set the rules and also view the top ten searched keywords.

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