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Build Trust in your Brand using Prestashop Website Testimonial Addon by Knowband

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Every eCommerce business has unique value or qualities that help them stand apart from other competitors. Customer Testimonials are an opportunity to highlight your key features in front of users so that you can present your best side forward. Prestashop Website Testimonial module allows the customer to share their shopping experience with other users in the store in the form of testimonials and reviews.

What are the various features and benefits of using Prestashop Website Testimonial addon by Knowband?

  1. Admin can easily install Prestashop review addon on their website and can make desired configurations from its backend panel.

  2. Prestashop comment addon lets the admin quickly enable and disable the module functionality on a simple button click.

  3. Prestashop rating addon allows the admin to approve or disapprove a customer testimonial. The admin can also mark it as pending approval.

  4. The admin can also delete the old testimonials from the backend.

  5. The responsive interface of Prestashop Website Testimonial module eases the mobile based users in adding testimonials to the website.

  6. Three layout options offered by Prestashop rating addon let the admin choose their desired display place from the backend. The options include Homepage, Left Column, and Right Column.

  7. Prestashop review addon randomly displays a testimonial from the approved list.

  8. Prestashop Website Testimonial module allows the users to enable and disable the Write Testimonial feature from the backend panel.

  9. Prestashop comment module provides SSL compatibility.

  10. Prestashop rating module supports multi-lingual and multi-store compatibility feature.

  11. Prestashop Website Testimonial addon allows blocking a customer from writing a testimonial.

  12. Using Prestashop Website Testimonial, admin can allow the selected users to write testimonials for the Prestashop website.

  13. This Prestashop module allows the admin to choose a desired page or category where the testimonials are to be displayed for the users.

  14. From the backend panel, admin can view and manage the list of customers who are allowed or disallowed from writing testimonials.

Customer Benefits

  1. Customers can add their profile image along with writing a testimonial for the store.

  2. The potential customer gets an insight of the store based on those shopping experience s in the form of comments and reviews.

  3. Customers who have been granted a permission can only write a testimonial.

  4. Customers get an approval email for their written testimonial.

  5. Customers can add a testimonial from their mobile and tablet devices.

  1. Prestashop Website Testimonial addon link:
  2. Prestashop Website Testimonial addon User Manual:
  3. Admin Demo:
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  6. Watch Video Tutorial here:

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