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Magento Birthday Coupon extension by Knowband

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Magento Birthday discount module by Knowband enables the store admin to send automatic discount emails to customers on their birthday. Admin in Magento Birthday coupon addon selects the occasion on which he wants to send the incentives. The occasion can be birthday and the account registration anniversary of the customer. In Magento Birthday coupon extension admin can send the discount as a percentage, amount value and a free gift. Sending presents to buyers will help in building a strong relationship with them which in turn boosts the sale. Magento Birthday gift addon provides an easy way to admin to prove their loyalty to their customers.

Features offered to the Magento Birthday present addon:

  1. Installation: Magento Birthday discount extension offers admin an easy installation and configuration. Non-technical admin can also implement its functionality in their store

  2. Enable/ Disable: In Magento Birthday present addon admin can easily activate and deactivate the module at a button click.

  3. Name and Prefix of the coupon code: In Magento Birthday voucher addon, name and prefix of the coupon code can be set by the admin in the desired language.

  4. Choose Occasion: Magento Birthday gift module offers admin the chance to choose the occasion. Admin can send coupon mail either on the birthday or on account registration anniversary.

  5. Discount type: Admin in Magento Birthday discount extension can send the discount as a percentage, a fixed amount value and a free gift.

  6. Discount validity: Admin can set the duration for which the coupon will only remain valid.

  7. Email Customization: Admin in Magento Birthday voucher addon can personalize the subject line and content of the email.

  8. Compatibility: Magento Birthday present addon offers SSL and multi-store compatibility.

  9. Restriction rules: In Magento Birthday gift addon Admin can apply country-wise restrictions and category-wise restrictions to the offers.

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