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Knowband Prestashop Reward point

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Knowband Prestashop Reward Points offers store admin the advantage to give reward points to customers on order confirmation. The rewards points allotted in Prestashop loyalty Points Extension can be used to get discounts on their future purchase. Offering rewards to the customer motivates them to buy more which ultimately increase customer engagement on the store. Rewards points in Prestashop purchase point’s addon can be used by customers in his next purchase. In Prestashop Reward Points Addon, reward points can be shared by customers with his friends or relatives. Store admin in Prestashop loyalty Points can set the reward points a customer will get on his order total.

Features offered by the Prestashop product purchase reward

• Prestashop Reward Points Extension comes with an easy installation and configuration.

• Prestashop Reward Points Addon allows admin to give rewards to the customer each time they buy a product.

• In Prestashop Reward Points Module buyers can view the reward points in his profile and can share the points with their friends or relative.

• Admin in Prestashop Reward Points Addon can set rules for both guests and registered customers depending upon which customer will receive rewards.

• N numbers of rules for reward points can be set by the online merchant.

• Prestashop product purchase reward allows store admin to view any customers used and left reward points.

• Order total and reward points can be set from the admin panel of the Prestashop loyalty Points.

• Prestashop Reward Points Extension offers multi-lingual support.

Benefits to the store admin

• Prestashop purchase points addon helps the store owner to increase the sale of the store.

• No change of code is required to implement the functionality of Prestashop Reward Points.

• Admin is given the choice to set the order total and reward points offered to the customer.

• N number of rules can be set by the owner in Prestashop loyalty Points Extension.

• Admin in Prestashop loyalty Points Addon can set rules for both guest customers and registered customers.

• Admin can view the statistics of the used and unused reward points in Prestashop Reward Points Extension.

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