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Develop Your Own Mobile App with Knowband’s Prestashop Mobile App Builder

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Having an eCommerce website but not offering the mobile Apps then will lead to you a major drawback to your eCommerce store. Nowadays, as we can see that the usage of mobile apps is in trend and by not providing the mobile Apps for your store, this will lead to decrease the chances of reaching the mobile Apps users. So, increase your chances to reach the maximum number of mobile users by providing the Apps for your store.

KnowBand Mobile App Builder Extension is providing you a pre-configured solution through which you can convert your store into mobile Apps. The Prestashop store Admin can develop the mobile apps for their store in just a few mouse button clicks and to configure this you don’t need to have any technical or coding knowledge. Developing mobile Apps for your store helps you to increase the sales and revenue of the store. The Prestashop Mobile App is easily manageable with better user experience; the only thing one needs to share is the requirement like App icon, Website URL, Website name, social login option, and theme color.

GDPR compatible with PrestaShop Mobile App Builder extension

Looking forward to making your store secure? Then this is the high time to do so because KnowBand has just made it's PrestaShop Mobile App Builder extension compatible with GDPR extension. GDPR stands for (General Data Protection Regulation) law is an act applied to European countries. This GDPR act has some protocols and rule which every organization have to follow this protocol otherwise they have to pay some a large amount of fine.

Keep your user's data under the safest & secure protocol GDPR. The users can easily ask from store admin to get their data, delete their data and some other rights. No organization can use or share any user's data without informing them. This GDPR compatibility with your PrestaShop Mobile App can be a game-changer move for you in this holiday season. The users will get these terms & conditions on following screens:

Login Page

Sign-Up Page

Payment Page

Checkout Page

Address Screen

Guest Login Screen

Features of KnowBand Mobile App Builder Extension:

  1. Customizable Home Screen Layout: Our Prestashop Mobile App Builder offers admin to fully Customizable home screen layout in the mobile app. The store merchant can easily customize the mobile app from the back-en panel. All s/he needs to do is set positioning and upload the banners in the mobile app according to various occasions and events. The following attributes are available for home screen customization: Top Categories. Square Banner. Grid Product. Grid Banner. Countdown Sale Timer Banner. Horizontal Sliding Product. Horizontal Sliding Banner. Recently Accessed Product.

  2. Tab Bar Layout: The Prestashop mobile app comes with Tab Bar Layout functionality on the mobile app which displays a tab bar icons on the bottom of a mobile app. The store admin can display 5 Tab Bar Icons on the bottom of a mobile app. The store merchant can choose the desired color of Tab Bar Icons from the backend. With this Tab Bar Layout, app users can switch among the screen smoothly.

  3. Gamified Email Popup Subscription: The Prestashop Mobile App Maker offers you a gamified popup email subscription interface in the mobile app. With the help of gamified popup interface, the store admin can capture the email id of online shoppers and send them personalized emails about ongoing offers and deals. The functionality of the spin wheel will only work in the mobile app if the KnowBand’s Prestashop spin and win module is installed on the store.

  4. Brand Promotion: The Prestashop eCommerce Mobile App allows admin to promote your store by adding a brand logo on header of the mobile app. The store merchant can easily add a brand logo from the back-end panel. It also creates brand awareness among people.

  5. Feature Product Display: The Prestashop Mobile App Maker allows admin to highlight the top or most popular product in the mobile app. The store merchant can display the products in grid or list order.

  6. Swipe Product Display: The Prestashop eCommerce Mobile App comes with swipe product display feature through which app users can easily view the products by swiping right or left on the product screen.

Additional Features offered by the Mobile App Builder:

  1. Themes and Fonts:- PrestaShop Mobile App Builder offers very simple steps to easily customize the fonts and themes of PrestaShop Mobile App, Provides better user experience with very interactive themes.

  2. Real-Time Synchronization:- Store Admin can easily synchronize Mobile App with the Web Store; Changes you make to your websites are automatically updated in the mobile app with the reliable connection made between them.

  3. Device Support:- Prestashop Mobile App is compatible with all device type either it is tab or mobile having different resolutions.

  4. Multi-Language Support:- No limit for language, the store owner can choose from the multilingual language option, as it also supports RTL Styles too.

  5. Push Notification Service:- Prestashop Mobile App user can easily be notified with the push notifications which offer different offers, discount or new offers.

  6. Social Media Login:- Prestashop Mobile App Builder provides you the functionality to directly login with your social accounts it may be Google, Facebook etc. it also enables guest user to login. In addition, The Prestashop Mobile App Developer also offers the following login options:

By OTP Authentication. Fingerprint Login.

  1. Voice Search:- Voice search functionality is provided with Prestashop Mobile App Builder module, which helps the user to find the product with advance and easy search option.

  2. Live Chat Feature:-Live chat option with Prestashop Mobile App Builder Module is available which helps for the interaction between the customer and store owner. The Prestashop Mobile App Creator also offers the following chat feature: Zopim Chat. WhatsApp Chat.

  3. One Page Checkout Option:- Prestashop Mobile App builder allows One Page Checkout option through which user can make the payment process with simple steps.

  4. Multiple Payment options:- Get a reliable and secure payment option with the mobile App builder extension, payment methods available are PayPal, PayU, and Amazon Pay, etc.

  5. Multiple Shipping Method Support:- Support all the website shipping methods on the mobile app.

  6. All Product Type Support: The Prestashop eCommerce Mobile App supports all sorts of products like single, grouped, configurable, downloadable, and virtual.

  7. All coupon and voucher support: The mobile app built by Prestashop Mobile App Builder supports all sorts of coupons and vouchers which are available on your website.

  8. Order Tracking:- The Prestashop eCommerce Mobile App comes with order tracking feature which allows users to view their delivery status of previously placed orders.

  9. Marketplace Complitability: The Prestashop Mobile App Builder is compatible with the KnowBand Multi-Vendor Marketplace extension. With this functionality of Prestashop Mobile App Module, you can increase the vendor listing of your store. This will also lead to an increase in the sale and revenue of the store.

Merchant's Benefits:

  1. Store owner can have their PrestaShop eCommerce Mobile App in very easy steps for both android as well as IOS without having any coding knowledge.

  2. PrestaShop Mobile App Builder includes slider and banner settings option with which store admin can make mobile app more interactive.

  3. Mobile App builder enables Store Owner to build Mobile app as per website design or layout, Store owners are free to choose the themes and fonts from the different options available.

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  12. For more queries or customization requests, ask us at

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