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OpenCart One Page Advanced Checkout | Knowband: Fast Checkout in Zero Time

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Are your customers tired with the long and complicated checkout? Multi-page checkout has been one consistent reason for cart abandonment. Imagine, 28% of customers, are abandoning their cart due to a long or confusing checkout process. In other words, failure in the checkout design or process was the third-highest reason for cart abandonment. So, now you thinking about some eCommerce solution to help regulate the sales at your store?

OpenCart One Page Advanced Checkout Extension from Knowband helps in quickly capturing your customers and compelling them to complete the purchase from the store. OpenCart responsive checkout popup is a slider window that shows on the frontend as the customer clicks on Add to Cart button.

What all features and benefits OpenCart One Page Advanced Checkout Extension offers you?

  1. OpenCart Single Page checkout module offers quick login options such as Google and Facebook. Customers can quickly complete the checkout without going through any extra hassles.

  2. The MailChimp Integrator functionality of OpenCart One Page Advanced Checkout Extension allows you to fetch customer email and save them all in the connected MailChimp account. These emails ultimately boost the email subscriptions for the store.

  3. This One Page Checkout for OpenCart provides guest checkout functionality that lets new users easily get into the store and complete their order without registering with the store.

  4. OpenCart quick checkout extension offers easy customization of shipping and address fields from the backend. You can edit the desired checkout fields and mark them as mandatory if required.

  5. This OpenCart simplified checkout module gives you multiple choices of selecting payment and shipping methods to your buyers. Each of the payment or shipping method can be separately enabled or disabled from the back-office.

  6. OpenCart One Page Advanced Checkout Extension offers a fully configurable cart whose fields can be customized as required for your business. You can even set the image size for the products shown in the cart.

  7. The smooth and easy navigation system of OpenCart One Page Checkout helps you to offer a seamless shopping experience at your store.

  8. OpenCart One Page Advanced Checkout Extension supports multi-store compatibility and multi-lingual compatibility.

  9. The simplified checkout design of OpenCart Single Page checkout is fully mobile responsive.

  10. The Ajax-based loading offered by OpenCart One Page Advanced Checkout Extension helps smartphone shoppers to complete their product purchase without abandoning their carts.

  11. With OpenCart One Page Supercheckout module, you can also register the guest users with your eCommerce store.

  12. The testing mode functionality of OpenCart fast checkout extension allows you to test the one page checkout features before making them live on the main website.

  13. An option to include custom CSS code is also provided by this OpenCart One Page Advanced Checkout Extension.

Give overwhelming shopping experience to your online shoppers with the integration of OpenCart One Page Supercheckout form at your eCommerce store.

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