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AngularJS Interview Questions

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What is AngularJS? Key Features of AngularJS What is Services in AngularJS ? Difference between Angular expressions and JavaScript expressions? What is Data Binding in AngularJS? What is Scope in AngularJS? What are the Controllers in AngularJS? What are Directives Directives Used in AngularJS Application What Makes AngularJS Better What is Injector Factory Method in AngularJS? What is Routing in AngularJS? What is Deep Linking in AngularJS? Advantages of AngularJS Disadvantages of AngularJS? Core Directives of AngularJS? Differences Between one-way binding and two-way binding. Difference Between sessionStorage, cookies, and localStorage AngularJS boot process. What is MVC? Binding directives in AngularJs What are AngularJS expressions? How to validate data in AngularJS? Following can be used to track error. How to Make an Ajax call Using Angular JS? Who Created Angular JS ? What is Use of $routeProvider in AngularJS? What is $rootScope? Scope of Hierarchy in AngularJS? What is a Service? What is Service Method? What is Factory Method? Differences between service and factory methods? What is Provider? What is Constant? What is ng-switch in AngularJs? What are the AngularJs Global API? What is Event Handling? What is AngularJs DOM?


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