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Knowband | Prestashop Product Designer/Customizer :: Market Personalized Products

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Personalized Products are very common nowadays among online shoppers. But, not every store offers customization options to their customers. Fortunately, a lot of things have changed for the sake of eCommerce merchants. From dresses, shirts, cups, jewellery, pillows, cards, handbags etc, everything is now personalized as per customer demands. So, this is the high time to understand the value and benefits of product personalization.

How to offer product customization feature?

Personalized products affect the behavior and success of your eCommerce store. To get your online store to the peaks, implement this innovative and creative tool by Knowband. Prestashop Product Designer/Customizer addon adds and displays a product designer panel at your store so that the buyers can personalize the selected product as per their choice and needs.

Features of Prestashop product customization addon

  1. Prestashop custom product designer addon shows customization options for selected products at your store.
  2. Advanced product customizer module allows you to set different design options particular to products at your store. These options can be configured from the backend.
  3. Prestashop Custom Product Design module adds a Customize button on the product pages and allows your customer to personalize their product as per needs.
  4. It is simple to enable or disable the functionality of Prestashop product designer module from the back-office.
  5. Prestashop Custom Product Design module calculates and show the final customization pricing to the shoppers direct on the product configurator page.
  6. Prestashop Extended Product Customization module allows you to set price specific to different designs, logos, text etc.
  7. Advanced product customizer module gives option to add images, QR code, custom text and even change color of the product.
  8. You can allow your customers to add fonts, colors, and filters to the product.
  9. Prestashop Extended Product Customization module supports multi-store and multi-lingual compatibility.
  10. Prestashop custom product designer addon adds a product configurator panel which is fully mobile responsive.

Benefits of Advanced product customizer module

  1. Prestashop Custom Product Design module builds up customer loyalty.
  2. Get high conversion rates by allowing product customization at your store.
  3. This Product personalization addon gives one way to understand the demands or requirements of your customer.
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