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openie for the second transcription

  1. two things is in abundance
  2. glow is in night
  3. fields is with stalks as pale as milk
  4. It murders other grass
  5. It 'll get easier
  6. Daenerys Arriving at camp
  7. Daenerys exhausted riding
  8. Daenerys looks exhausted
  9. Jorah are alone escorted
  10. Viserys are escorted
  11. Viserys are escorted away
  12. Viserys are alone escorted away
  13. Daenerys is escorted away
  14. Viserys are alone escorted
  15. Jorah are escorted away
  16. Jorah are alone escorted away
  17. Jorah are escorted
  18. Daenerys is escorted
  19. We 're far from still Pentos
  20. We 're far from Pentos
  21. Magister Illyrio has extended his hospitality
  22. You 'd 'd comfortable
  23. You 'd 'd comfortable there
  24. You 'd 'd more comfortable there
  25. You 'd 'd more comfortable
  26. he fulfils his end
  27. I have my crown
  28. I 'll stay with Drogo
  29. he fulfils his end of bargain
  30. Ned Stark did want you
  31. I caught on my land
  32. You can can assured of that
  33. You can can assured
  34. Tyrion is in asleep dog 's pen of Winterfell
  35. Joffrey finding Tyrion asleep in dog 's pen of Winterfell
  36. Joffrey finding Tyrion in dog 's pen of Winterfell
  37. Joffrey finding Tyrion
  38. Joffrey finding Tyrion in dog 's pen
  39. Joffrey finding Tyrion asleep in dog 's pen
  40. My mother been looking for you
  41. King for Landing
  42. We ride at_time today
  43. We ride for King 's Landing
  44. you offer your sympathies
  45. you will call on Lord
  46. you will call you go
  47. my sympathies will do them
  48. it is expected
  49. it is expected of you
  50. Your absence has has already noted
  51. Your absence has has noted
  52. boy means nothing
  53. boy nothing to me
  54. boy means nothing to me
  55. I 'm telling mother
  56. Tyrion walks to dining hall
  57. his family is eating breakfast
  58. Tyrion walks from courtyard
  59. gods know for certain
  60. charms lost on you
  61. charms seem lost
  62. charms seem entirely lost
  63. charms seem entirely lost on you
  64. charms entirely lost on you
  65. charms seem lost on you
  66. It has ridiculous
  67. It 's ridiculous for even you
  68. It 's ridiculous for you
  69. greatest structure men of Night 's Watch
  70. Night of Watch
  71. Night 's Watch abode of White Walkers
  72. Night 's Watch is wintry abode of White Walkers
  73. whores begging to Casterly Rock
  74. whores would go begging
  75. whores would go begging to Casterly Rock
  76. whores would go begging from Dorne
  77. whores would go begging from Dorne to Casterly Rock
  78. whores begging from Dorne
  79. I stand on top of Wall
  80. I want stand
  81. I just want stand
  82. children hear your filth
  83. children hear filth
  84. he 'll 'll cripple
  85. I Speaking for grotesques
  86. Death is so final
  87. Life is full
  88. Life is full of possibilities
  89. Death is final
  90. boy does wake
  91. I 'd 'd very interested
  92. I 'd 'd interested
  93. you make at_time times
  94. you wound me
  95. I how much love my family
  96. I love my family
  97. I much love my family
  98. Cersei coming In Bran 's room with Catelyn
  99. Bran 's room is with Catelyn
  100. Cersei coming In Bran 's room at his bedside
  101. Cersei coming to console
  102. Cersei coming In Bran 's room
  103. Bran In room with Catelyn at bedside
  104. Cersei coming In Bran 's room with Catelyn at his bedside
  105. This is your home
  106. I 'm your guest
  107. my boy little black-haired beauty
  108. I lost beauty
  109. I lost little black-haired beauty
  110. I lost black-haired beauty
  111. I lost my boy
  112. I lost little beauty
  113. I lost my first boy
  114. He was fighter
  115. He was fighter too
  116. you need hear
  117. you need hear right now
  118. It has thing
  119. It 's last thing you need
  120. It 's thing you need
  121. you need hear now
  122. It has last thing
  123. It was years
  124. It was years ago
  125. Robert held me
  126. They take away his body
  127. They take his body
  128. They took away him
  129. I pray at_time morning
  130. she return your child
  131. I am grateful
  132. Smith is in courtyard of Winterfell
  133. I have one
  134. I already have one
  135. you Have swung it
  136. you Have swung yet it
  137. you cut man
  138. It has strange
  139. It has thing
  140. It has strange thing
  141. me thank you
  142. me guarding all us
  143. me thank ahead you
  144. me guarding us
  145. We have good strong men
  146. We 're grateful
  147. We have men
  148. We have strong men like you
  149. We have good men
  150. We have good men like you
  151. We have strong men
  152. We have men like you
  153. We have good strong men like you
  154. We 've guarded Kingdoms for 8 000 years
  155. We 've guarded Kingdoms
  156. you Have taken your vows
  157. Night to Watch
  158. it thrilling serve
  159. I 'm sure
  160. It 's for only life
  161. It 's for life
  162. Arya has room
  163. King to Landing
  164. Night for Watch
  165. Jon say he leaves
  166. he leaves for Night 's Watch
  167. Jon say he leaves for Night 's Watch
  168. Jon say goodbye
  169. Jon comes in say
  170. Jon say goodbye he leaves
  171. Jon say goodbye he leaves for Night 's Watch
  172. they 're how folded
  173. they 're folded
  174. They 're going get
  175. It has good
  176. you got help
  177. I have something
  178. I have something for you
  179. it has packed very carefully
  180. it be packed carefully
  181. it be packed
  182. it has packed
  183. it has packed carefully
  184. it be packed very carefully
  185. It has so skinny
  186. It has skinny
  187. blacksmith make it
  188. I can can quick
  189. You work at_time day
  190. Stick is with pointy end
  191. I miss you
  192. Sansa can keep her sewing needles
  193. I 've got needle of my own
  194. I 've got needle
  195. Catelyn is at his bedside
  196. Bran into room
  197. Catelyn is at where his bedside
  198. Catelyn is at where still his bedside
  199. Catelyn is at still his bedside
  200. Jon walks into Bran 's room
  201. I say goodbye to Bran
  202. I say goodbye
  203. You 've said it
  204. I 'm going north with Uncle Benjen
  205. I 'm going with Uncle Benjen
  206. I 'm taking black
  207. we seeing together Wall
  208. we seeing Wall
  209. I 'll know around around then
  210. I 'll know my way
  211. I be 'll brother
  212. Night of Watch
  213. I be 'll sworn brother
  214. I be sworn
  215. I be 'll brother of Night 's Watch
  216. I be 'll sworn brother of Night 's Watch
  217. We walking beyond Wall
  218. Eddard walks Jon kisses Brandon on forehead
  219. Eddard walks Jon kisses Brandon into room
  220. Eddard walks Jon kisses Brandon
  221. you ago rode off with Robert Baratheon
  222. you rode off with Robert Baratheon
  223. woman with son
  224. you tell your families
  225. You do have choice
  226. you 've made it
  227. Jon leave for Wall
  228. Jon prepping his horse
  229. You goodbye to Bran
  230. You 've said goodbye
  231. You 've said goodbye to Bran
  232. I know it
  233. You Starks are hard
  234. you 'll in 'll all black
  235. you 'll in time 'll all black
  236. you 'll in Next time 'll all black
  237. you 'll in 'll black
  238. you 'll in time 'll black
  239. I see you
  240. you 'll in Next time 'll black
  241. It was my color
  242. It was always my color
  243. Night in Watch
  244. Starks have manned Wall
  245. you are Stark
  246. my mother Is alive
  247. she Does know about me
  248. we 'll talk about your mother
  249. we 'll talk at_time next time
  250. we 'll talk at_time time
  251. Robert has mini table
  252. Robert has table
  253. this is country
  254. them keep going
  255. our sides tavern wenches
  256. women wars fight
  257. I recall few chances
  258. I recall chances
  259. you could bury your face
  260. you could bury in your face
  261. Yours was Aleena
  262. You told once me
  263. You told me
  264. bastard has mother
  265. That has it
  266. She been rare
  267. She must must have rare wench
  268. She must must have wench
  269. Lord Eddard Stark forget his honor
  270. None knew we were gon
  271. we were gon go back home
  272. we were gon go back home again
  273. we were gon go
  274. we were gon go home again
  275. we were gon go again
  276. we were gon go home
  277. You 're hard
  278. You 're hard on yourself
  279. You 're too hard
  280. You 're too hard on yourself
  281. I hit you
  282. I hit again you
  283. rider was in night
  284. Daenerys Targaryen has wed Dothraki horselord
  285. we Should send her
  286. we Should send wedding gift
  287. child enough will spread her legs
  288. child will spread her legs
  289. child Soon enough will spread her legs
  290. child start breeding
  291. it 's unspeakable to you
  292. it has unspeakable
  293. That was unspeakable
  294. Robert Baratheon said at_time Khal Drogo
  295. 100,000 men is in his horde
  296. it 's said at_time Khal Drogo
  297. it has said
  298. scum will join him
  299. Targaryen boy crosses with Dothraki horde
  300. Targaryen boy crosses at his back
  301. You 'll 'll fed
  302. Most choose knife
  303. You get whole new one
  304. You discard your old family
  305. You discard your family
  306. you do read so much
  307. you do read much
  308. I 'd 'd born
  309. I was born Lannister
  310. I was Alas born
  311. I was born
  312. I Alas was born Lannister of Casterly Rock
  313. I was born Lannister of Casterly Rock
  314. I Alas was born Lannister
  315. Things are expected of me
  316. Things are expected
  317. My father was Hand of King for 20 years
  318. My father was Hand
  319. My father was Hand for 20 years
  320. My father was Hand of King
  321. Jon Snow killed Until your brother
  322. Life is full of ironies
  323. Life is full of little ironies
  324. Life is full
  325. my repulsive nephew be King
  326. my nephew be King
  327. King be King
  328. King be King after him
  329. new King be King after him
  330. my repulsive nephew be King after him
  331. King be King after him
  332. new King be King after him
  333. my nephew be King after him
  334. new King be King
  335. I have my mind
  336. my brother has his sword
  337. my brother Well has his sword
  338. books needs whetstone
  339. books needs whetstone like sword
  340. mind needs books
  341. your story bastard
  342. I maybe 'll tell you
  343. I 'll tell you
  344. Night of Watch
  345. A bastard boy is with nothing inherit
  346. Night 's Watch protects realm from Tyrion Lannister
  347. Night has Watch
  348. Night 's Watch protects realm
  349. You 're smart boy
  350. You 're boy
  351. You 're smart
  352. his bedside Maester Luwin
  353. Bran has bedroom
  354. time lady my
  355. we reviewed accounts
  356. It has time
  357. royal visit how much cost us
  358. visit cost us
  359. visit much cost us
  360. You 'll want know
  361. royal visit cost us
  362. royal visit much cost us
  363. visit how much cost us
  364. Poole went with Lord Stark
  365. Poole went south with my lady
  366. Poole went south with Lord Stark
  367. Poole went with my lady
  368. We need new steward
  369. We need steward
  370. I 'll make appointments
  371. We 'll talk first thing in morning
  372. We 'll talk first thing
  373. We 'll talk thing about it
  374. We 'll talk about it
  375. We 'll talk thing in morning
  376. We 'll talk thing
  377. first thing is in morning
  378. I take care
  379. I take care of him
  380. He die mother
  381. Bran needs me
  382. Rickon needs you
  383. He has six
  384. me clutching my leg
  385. Wolf has howling repeatedly Robb Stark
  386. It has mercy
  387. He has dead
  388. He has dead already
  389. Catelyn fend off him
  390. he draws his blade
  391. man is assassin
  392. her hands are sliced
  393. her hands are sliced In process
  394. man walks within inches of Bran
  395. man walks within inches
  396. you Have ever seen dragon
  397. you Have seen dragon
  398. Brave men kill them
  399. It is known
  400. It is known
  401. trader told me
  402. me trader from Garth
  403. two moons is in sky
  404. He told me
  405. they drank sun 's fire
  406. sun has fire
  407. Moon is goddess
  408. It is known
  409. It is known
  410. trader did tell you
  411. trader did tell stories
  412. Irri leaves tent
  413. they 're when happy
  414. they 're happy
  415. your brother bought me
  416. it was my job make
  417. my mother sold me
  418. me make Khal happy
  419. it Will take at_time three years
  420. Jon Tyrion arrive at wall
  421. Jon Tyrion look at it
  422. Jon Tyrion look from afar
  423. Bran 's body was where discovered
  424. Bran 's body was discovered
  425. Catelyn is on ground below tower
  426. Catelyn is on ground
  427. Bran has body
  428. She sees window
  429. She is looking through same window
  430. She now is looking through window
  431. She is looking through window
  432. She now is looking through same window
  433. room finding hair
  434. She investigates room
  435. She noticing cleared patch
  436. She noticing patch
  437. room finding long blonde hair
  438. room finding long hair
  439. room finding blonde hair
  440. She noticing patch on flooring
  441. Catelyn holds council in Godswood with Robb
  442. Catelyn holds council
  443. council is in Godswood with Robb
  444. Godswood is with Robb
  445. Catelyn holds council in Godswood
  446. boy was sure-footed
  447. boy was sure-footed before
  448. boy was always sure-footed before
  449. boy was always sure-footed
  450. Someone kill twice him
  451. Someone kill him
  452. Lannisters are involved
  453. I would stake my life
  454. reason suspect their loyalty to crown
  455. reason suspect their loyalty
  456. you Did notice dagger
  457. blade is steel
  458. blade is Valyrian steel
  459. Someone gave it
  460. They come into our home
  461. they want Theon Greyjoy
  462. I stand behind you
  463. they want war
  464. they want you know
  465. it comes to that
  466. they want Theon Greyjoy war
  467. it has war
  468. battle is in Godswood
  469. words easily become acts
  470. words Too easily become acts
  471. words easily become acts of war
  472. words Too easily become acts of war
  473. words acts of war
  474. words become acts
  475. words become acts of war
  476. Lord Stark must must told of this
  477. Lord Stark must must told
  478. I 'll ride to King 's Landing
  479. King to Landing
  480. There must Stark is in Winterfell
  481. I will go myself
  482. I 'll send Hal to escort
  483. I 'll send Hal with squad of guardsmen
  484. I 'll send Hal
  485. I 'll send Hal with squad
  486. I 'll send Hal to escort you
  487. large party attracts unwanted attention
  488. party attracts attention
  489. large party attracts attention
  490. party attracts unwanted attention
  491. me accompany you
  492. Kingsroad can can dangerous place
  493. Kingsroad be dangerous
  494. Kingsroad can can place for woman alone
  495. Kingsroad can can place for woman
  496. Kingsroad can can place
  497. Kingsroad can can dangerous place for woman alone
  498. Kingsroad can can dangerous place for woman
  499. Bran has life
  500. Bran 's life is in their hands
  501. Bran 's life is in their hands now
  502. Daenerys please Khal Drogo
  503. Doreah is on top of at Daenerys ' tent her
  504. Doreah is on top of her
  505. Doreah is on top of Back at Daenerys ' tent her
  506. You must look in his eyes
  507. You must look always in his eyes
  508. Love comes in at eyes
  509. It is said
  510. man is with nothing
  511. Doreah traveled across world
  512. Kings traveled for night with Irogenia
  513. Doreah traveled for night with Irogenia
  514. Kings traveled for night
  515. night is with Irogenia
  516. Kings traveled across world
  517. Magisters sold their palaces
  518. Khals just have her
  519. Khals have her
  520. Khals burned her enemies
  521. thousand men proposed to her
  522. They say thousand men
  523. They say thousand men proposed
  524. They say thousand men proposed to her
  525. You will make him
  526. Dothraki take slaves
  527. Dothraki takes bitch
  528. Dothraki take slaves like hound
  529. you Are slave
  530. he did marry you
  531. I would look upon your face
  532. Lannisters have stopped evening rest on their way
  533. evening rest on their way to King 's Landing
  534. evening rest on their way
  535. Lannisters have stopped evening rest on their way to King 's Landing
  536. King to Landing
  537. Lannisters have stopped evening rest
  538. I Do frighten you
  539. I Do frighten so much you
  540. I Do frighten so much girl
  541. I Do frighten much you
  542. I Do frighten girl
  543. I Do frighten much girl
  544. it is him making
  545. it is him
  546. He frightens me
  547. He frightens too me
  548. I offended you
  549. I 'm sorry
  550. his tongue ripped out with hot pincers
  551. his tongue ripped out with pincers
  552. Ser Ilyn Payne justice 's King
  553. King has justice
  554. hound Does frighten you
  555. You 're scaring my lady
  556. us have one cup
  557. My princess can drink as much
  558. My princess can drink much
  559. You 're safe with me
  560. You 're safe
  561. I 'll get you
  562. butcher has boy
  563. He has my friend
  564. A butcher has boy
  565. butcher has boy
  566. She asked me
  567. She asked my Lord
  568. She asked me
  569. prince lord your
  570. your prince lord
  571. It has stick
  572. It has only stick
  573. you do know that
  574. lady has sister
  575. it stop it
  576. You 're spoiling it
  577. You 're spoiling everything
  578. Arya steps with Joffrey
  579. him putting him
  580. Arya steps in with Joffrey
  581. Arya steps in and fights with Joffrey
  582. Her direwolf sees as thread
  583. Her direwolf runs in defend
  584. Arya leave him
  585. Arya leave alone him
  586. My prince poor prince
  587. I bring help
  588. I 'll go back to inn
  589. I 'll go to inn
  590. Stay 'll go back to inn
  591. Stay 'll go to inn
  592. hunt has begun for direwolf
  593. Arya hidden from everyone
  594. You 've got go
  595. They 'll kill you
  596. It has direwolf
  597. Jory tell Ned
  598. his daughter been found
  599. They found her
  600. She has unharmed
  601. She has taken directly
  602. She has taken before King
  603. She has taken directly before King
  604. She has taken
  605. Lannisters found her
  606. them bring her straight
  607. I 'm sorry
  608. I frighten girl
  609. we need get
  610. butcher has boy
  611. animal nearly tore off his arm
  612. animal tore off his arm
  613. She Bit him
  614. She Bit little
  615. She just Bit him
  616. She just Bit little
  617. He was hurting Mycah
  618. Joffrey told us
  619. you set your wolf
  620. boy beat him
  621. They attacked me
  622. she threw my sword
  623. she tells another
  624. He tells one thing
  625. He tells me
  626. she tells me
  627. your daughter Ned
  628. it tell it
  629. It 's crime lie to King
  630. It 's crime lie
  631. It 's great crime lie to King
  632. It 's great crime lie
  633. It has great
  634. That 's enough of that
  635. She 's as wild as animal of hers
  636. She 's as wild as animal
  637. She 's wild as animal
  638. She 's wild as animal of hers
  639. She has wild
  640. She has as wild
  641. me whip her
  642. Joffrey will bear scars for rest
  643. Joffrey will bear scars
  644. Joffrey will bear scars for rest of his life
  645. little girl disarm you
  646. girl disarm you
  647. your daughter is disciplined
  648. I 'll do same
  649. I 'd forgot damned wolf
  650. I 'd forgot wolf
  651. We found your Grace
  652. We found Grace
  653. A direwolf has pet
  654. She 'll 'll happier
  655. She 'll 'll happier for it
  656. She has good
  657. You leave her alone
  658. them do it
  659. Jory Take girls to their rooms
  660. Jory Take girls
  661. it must must done
  662. I 'll do it
  663. wolf is of north
  664. butcher has boy
  665. Eddard kills direwolf
  666. Eddard kills direwolf on King 's orders
  667. King on orders

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