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plugin module timer extension for countDown magento Shipping

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Magento Shipping Timer extension by Knowband

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Knowband's Magento Shipping Timer extension demonstrates a check down timer on the item pages of the site. The online clients can get a same-day conveyance of that item by putting in their request before the time closes. Along these lines, the e-dealer can make a desire to move quickly and make the clients put in their request in a rush. Along these lines, the online store shipper can expand deals and change the conversion rate of the site by offering same-day shipping to the clients.

Essential Features of this Magento Shipping Timer extension

  1. By utilizing this Magento Shipping Timer plugin, the online store administrator can embed a countdown timer on the site item pages.

  2. The administrator is permitted to set the time span for this countdown timer. The e-dealer can set the beginning and completing time from the administrator interface of the Countdown timer extension for Magento.

  3. The Magento storekeeper can confine the nations, classes and items from the administrator interface on the off chance that he wouldn't like to demonstrate a countdown timer on these items, classifications and nations.

  4. The Magento Shipping module permits setting get-away days for not offering same-day conveyance offer.

  5. The e-vendor can likewise set the weekdays on which he needs to demonstrate a countdown timer.

  6. The administrator can demonstrate a pennant to the clients for giving information about the rest of an opportunity to get that day conveyance offer.

  7. The administrator can expand changes and benefit with no entangled procedure.

  8. The Magento Shipping Timer module permits demonstrating a mistake message on the truck page if the client includes any item which can't be conveyed around the same time.

  9. The Magento Shipping module is multi-lingual perfect.

  10. The Countdown timer extension for Magento is versatile responsive moreover.

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