Modal Progress dialog with cancel for time-consuming operations, C#, WinForms

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Features/Requirements:\r\n\r\n[1] lightweight, easy-to-add\r\n[2] Display progress of long operation using (a) progress bar and (b) user-text.\r\n[3] Close dialog upon (a) Normal completion of long operation or (b) Cancel button used for early cancellation of long operation\r\n[4] GUI not hung/hourglassing during long operation. This can be done using threads or DoEvents. This example uses the BackgroundWorker class as a member of a Form.\r\n[5] Synchronized with no race conditions.\r\n\r\nThe form displayed consists of three elements: label, progress bar and a cancel button. The label auto-sizes so that user text will be displayed. The application constructs the dialog with parameters for titlebar text and a delegate for the long operation. The long operation reports progress using BackgroundWorker.ReportProgress. The long operation checks for cancellation using BackgroundWorker.CancellationPending\r\n\r\nSee code for example usage.

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