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I have to migrate from my old Drupal 5 site, that had multiple authors assigned to one node, and this is the solution for __Drupal 7__.
First of all you will need to download [__References__](http://drupal.org/project/references) module and enable __User Reference__.
Then go to your module (*sites\all\modules\\references\\*) and edit file *user\_reference\user\_reference.module* at line number __481__ as it has an error.
Change line: *$query->condition($user\_uid\_alias, $ids, 'IN', $ids);*
to this: *$query->condition("u.$user\_uid\_alias", $ids, 'IN', $ids);*
Now go to your theme, and edit __template.php__ file adding this lines.

URL: http://turczynski.com/blog/2011-02-07/drupal-7-node-multiple-authors

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