CPF and CNPJ validation classes using the Brazilian Government official algorithms

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CPF and CNPJ are self-validated codes generated by Brazilian government. Being the CPF used to identify persons and CNJP to enterprises, organizations and so on.

That said, I use to code the CPF/CNPJ algorithm when learning new programming languages. With Ruby, it got very clean and powerful because it's particular way to deal with "closures" (i.e. the ruby blocks, Procs and lambdas).

To use Cpf or Cnpj classes, just instantite the respective classes passing the numbers to be validated. CPF has 11 digits and CNPJ has 14. In both cases the last two digits are calculated based on the previous ones.

Module11 is the parent class of Cpf and Cnpj. You can use this class if you want to implement your own Module 11 validation algorithm. In this case, inherit from Module11 and initialize the new class with the proper parameters (i.e. input, formula, size, number_of_digits)

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