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Simple Clearfix
0 126 posted 7 years ago by andrewcolby
When box sizing is set, the padding, border and margin no longer add onto the total width or height of the element. Instead, they eat into the set width or height. So, if you have a box whose width is set to 300px, and padding set to 10px, then the t...
1 138 posted 7 years ago by bmayzure
A Simplified solution to CSS-Tricks Starry Night Parallax Effect. Se URL for demo and original article. Example files can also be downloaded at the URL.
0 158 posted 9 years ago by DeluxiveState
1 81 posted 10 years ago by xTraCD
1 123 posted 10 years ago by margot620
0 113 posted 14 years ago by markhope
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