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`^!d::` hot key is customizable. `+ ^c^+{+}` is "Shift space ; Ctrl C; Ctrl shift +", stands for "select row; copy; insert". `{Esc}{Down}{Up}` stands for "leave current copy selection; go down then up (to bring back the selection from the whole...
0 706 posted 9 years ago by Ginko
Call this function to activate a named window.
0 624 posted 10 years ago by deanhouseholder
This is a AutoHotKey.com script. It runs on Windows and allows you to lock your computer by simply hitting a single key combination and unlock it with a different one. Download the whole script at the url listed.
0 831 posted 10 years ago by deanhouseholder
Be sure to change all Audio references to the corresponding window title in your language. This script switch the default audio device in Windows 7 to the second audio device, in my case the Headphones. You can add one or more Send, {Down} statements...
1 696 posted 13 years ago by harrison3001
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