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  1. FAV

    sort smarty array

    How to sort array in smarty template? >> Create sort modifier file and save it in smarty / plugins with modifier.sortby.php name use this modifier in smarty template like... {foreach item=item key=key from=$users|@sortby:"firstname"} {$item.i...
    Smarty 8 views posted 9 years ago by aashvi
  2. FAV

    Smarty Template: Dump Array

    Smarty saved by 2 people 4 views posted 11 years ago by tclancy
  3. FAV

    some Smart Code

    Smarty 3 views posted 12 years ago by udayrayala
  4. FAV

    birthday arrays and pulldowns with error handling

    it's an excerpt of a registration form with 3 pulldowns for birthday ( day, month, year ) check for empty vars and applying CSS classes to show error on "empty" fields. there are probably better ways, but this works for me. any suggestions welcome.
    Smarty saved by 9 people 7 views posted 13 years ago by assbach
  5. FAV

    mailto with config variables

    Smarty saved by 4 people 2 views posted 13 years ago by assbach
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