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How to download file from file cabinet
0 195 posted 6 years ago by NSahu
It currently uses redis as a store for the data. The url's are pretty long since it's all base64 encoded data and the images are returned as base64 encoded PNG's but that can be solved pretty easily. This could be used a service for something kind of...
0 113 posted 7 years ago by redhatmatt
Class to create Flickr-API REST calls.
0 72 posted 7 years ago by Raymonder
You will need to get an account at [GrabzIt](http://grabz.it) once you have this you need to add your [authorized domain](http://grabz.it/account/domains.aspx) this stops people using your account resources. Then get your [application key](http://...
0 137 posted 8 years ago by Maximus1983
If you use this snippet in http://code.google.com/apis/ajax/playground/?type=visualization#geo_map it shows SK - ISO3166 code for Slovakia somewhere in Canada. Although personally I wouldn't mind, it seems to be incorrect.
0 90 posted 8 years ago by adino
0 99 posted 9 years ago by ddavidd
Recomienda la app facebook a los amigos mediante FB.ui
0 136 posted 9 years ago by serialk89
Envia un mensaje a los amigos desde method send de facebook graph
0 106 posted 9 years ago by serialk89
Muestra un cuadro de dialigo en una app de facebook
0 90 posted 9 years ago by serialk89
0 110 posted 9 years ago by sneaks
Be sure to call the exact version desired or the script is only cached for one hour! http://encosia.com/2009/10/11/do-you-know-about-this-undocumented-google-cdn-feature/
1 116 posted 9 years ago by housecor
A more flexible version of the 'official' Facebook feed dialog example. "The Feed Dialog prompts the user to publish an individual story to a profile's feed. This does not require any extended permissions." "The following simple JavaScript exam...
0 148 posted 10 years ago by coprolit
This example shows how enableEditing can be emulated in version 3 of the Google Maps API. \\r\\nWhen releasing an editable point after dragging it, the changed part of the polyline will be updated.\\r\\nPoints can be added to by clicking on the map a...
0 503 posted 10 years ago by peckham
Borrowed from Jerome Paradis: http://blog.jeromeparadis.com
0 148 posted 10 years ago by Jamie
I made this simple JavaScript to save me time. I was sick of having to thumb-bash on a tiny keypad or login to the slow Clickatell site and use their clunky interface (nothing it simpler than 2 text boxes and an OK button). You will need an HTTP A...
1 139 posted 12 years ago by mountainash
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