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Detect the OS of mobile device
0 106 posted 4 years ago by envane21
This step-by-step tutorial describes how to build an HTML5-based mobile web app by means of Webix library (open source, GPL) and PhoneGap framework. As a result you’ll get an awesome native app for Android devices with rich UI and high performance.
0 197 posted 5 years ago by kengajunior
- I have not tested on android - This is not animated as I did not need it for my needs. To make it animated, look at the second to last line in the function `layer3.transform = Ti.UI.create2DMatrix().rotate(angle);` You should be able to animate th...
0 149 posted 6 years ago by rondog
0 90 posted 8 years ago by craymond
0 76 posted 9 years ago by cmndo
It’s pretty straightforward, we loop the existing Views of the ScrollableView and copy each View, replacing the one to be change, to a new array. Then we tell the ScrollableView to use our new Views-array for it’s Views. I hope this helps someon...
0 99 posted 9 years ago by chlab
We create a View with a background color, put a semi-transparent TabbedBar with empty button names on top of it, then add another layer of fully visible labels spaced to fit the TabbedBar beneath it. Everything is then wrapped in one View, which you...
0 122 posted 9 years ago by chlab
Use in the ApplicationModule.js file.
0 47 posted 9 years ago by garnold
Use this in the ApplicationModule.js file.
0 76 posted 9 years ago by garnold
Determines if splash screen is iPad or iPhone.
0 65 posted 9 years ago by vagrantradio
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