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Introduction: Pin Based login is a mechanism to authenticate user, by sending one time valid pin to user's phone. This implementation makes use of a mOTP API for sending one time pin, via Missed call and thus eliminates any cost involved with the...
0 139 posted 6 years ago by motp
Return a pure 10-digit phone number if the number given is 10 digits or 11 digits.
0 203 posted 7 years ago by chrisvogt
Built for german numbers.
0 137 posted 9 years ago by bionickid
1 130 posted 11 years ago by Shifter
This function clean up phone number and present it in styled way.
9 161 posted 11 years ago by naz
A simple method of validating a telephone number using regular expressions and PHP
3 310 posted 12 years ago by aristoworks
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