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Credit: 'Jelmer' from CodeIgniter Forums 1. Create preferences.php in your application/config/ directory. 2. Add this to the controller that writes your config values to the database so that it will also write them to the preferences.php config...
2 84 posted 10 years ago by traeregan
Custom CodeIgniter form_validation class to validate uploaded files.
1 55 posted 10 years ago by djenniex
This line can be used to refresh the current page. Submitted by philsturgeon on #codeigniter in the Freenode IRC server.
3 68 posted 10 years ago by AzizLight
Below are two functions I've been using to make event tracking a little easier in CodeIgniter. Two functions are available, google_analytics() & track_event(). google_analytics() takes one argument and uses it as the UA code for your tracking p...
5 114 posted 10 years ago by brettbergeron
The below code helps you move your site assets (images, css, javascript) to a public folder inside the application directory of CodeIgniter. One thing you'll need to do is define ASSETPATH to be the path to the location of your public items. For m...
1 69 posted 10 years ago by brettbergeron
I recently found the need to run multiple CodeIgniter applications inside of a single codebase for development & test purposes. So, I rewrote a few lines of the primary index file (/index.php) to automatically route URLs like subdomain.domain.com to...
3 61 posted 10 years ago by brettbergeron
More info found in the link above, basically, you can replace the $config['base_url'] to the snippet below and you no longer need to set the base url. Useful for making your application more portable.
7 91 posted 10 years ago by DrewDouglass
2 54 posted 10 years ago by justinseiter
8 76 posted 11 years ago by michaelfox
1 61 posted 11 years ago by plasticated
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