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This code sample shows how Ruby developers can create PDF file from HTML using Aspose.Pdf for Cloud API in their REST applications.
0 316 posted 6 years ago by johansonkatherine
Checks to make sure the file is a valid image file, checks max file size, and directory write permissions, requires 'fileutils' gem.
2 312 posted 9 years ago by kellishaver
0 145 posted 11 years ago by chrisaiv
Rake task - Copies files from one directory to another in a batch of 50 files, giving 15 seconds break between each batch.
1 177 posted 12 years ago by cnicolaou
If you get "JPEG marker not found!" error when you try to open an image file you must read it in binary mode.
1 120 posted 12 years ago by PixelMin
1 139 posted 12 years ago by neil
This is handy for testing, when you need to simulate an open file or open URI. Why, and the Pickaxe book, have better examples
1 189 posted 12 years ago by cczona
Difficult to find in documentation but so easy
3 219 posted 12 years ago by arnoldu
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