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Write request data to a log file
0 549 posted 8 years ago by dmertl
Allows to perform PHP redirection (must be placed before any browser output).
0 404 posted 9 years ago by apphp-snippets
HTTP headers to disable caching.
1 503 posted 10 years ago by ryantxr
This 'Check if HTTPS is on in PHP' script accounts for servers which set HTTPS differently. Some servers do not set HTTPS, others set it to 'off', etc. Only checking if HTTPS is on will cause an 'undefined index error' in these cases.
0 538 posted 10 years ago by kf0l
takes a url and appends http to it if http is not present
0 419 posted 11 years ago by vonlof
0 389 posted 11 years ago by Mazzaroth
1 515 posted 11 years ago by mfigge
Feel free to use this class however you'd like
0 514 posted 11 years ago by jschilling
Quick and easy way to determine if the HTTP request is an AJAX call or a standard call. Supports the notion of Unobtrusive JavaScript.
3 679 posted 12 years ago by joshuascott94
1 448 posted 12 years ago by 3k-
This set of headers works for me when I output file data from the database for the user to save or open.
0 706 posted 12 years ago by bradless
The following are instructions to "re-post" files that have been already been POSTed to your php script. This can help if you want to have a form (with file upload) that POSTs its data to your own script where the text elements can be handled and the...
2 477 posted 12 years ago by benjaminpearson
Some times you need to accept some url as input but users seldom add http:// to it, this code will add http:// to the URL if it’s not there.
1 428 posted 13 years ago by paulgrenwood
Split a string containing HTTP response into a array with HTTP headers and a string with HTTP content
1 667 posted 13 years ago by touv
this function processes a URL that 'should' be a full url (i.e. http://something.com/dfsdfs/) and makes sure it contains http:// for easy inclusion as a link into a href attribute
0 359 posted 13 years ago by iloveitaly
include this snippet in your sites to force InternetExplorer 8 to display your site like InternetExplorer 7 In summary, IE7 compatibility support looks as follows: IE=7 Display in IE7 Standards mode; Already supported in the IE8 Beta 1 relea...
3 686 posted 13 years ago by tobaco
Just provide $availableLanguages as an array('en', 'de', 'es')
5 1061 posted 13 years ago by ping_ch
1 445 posted 13 years ago by Wiederkehr
2 413 posted 14 years ago by mikegreen
Parses the given path and creates a http redirect to that page.
1 535 posted 15 years ago by IanLewis
Sends a request to a supplied path for a given host. It can send either a GET or POST request and can pass parameters.
2 441 posted 15 years ago by ryansobol
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