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allows image to scale to fit mobile windows.
0 520 posted 8 years ago by jefferis
make images auto scale for mobile phones
1 531 posted 9 years ago by jefferis
CSS stylesheet template - including HTML5 reset, tweaks for mobile including media queries, print reset styles, and base styles for standardization
7 941 posted 10 years ago by rickygri
Extended css media queries for modern mobile screens
0 2762 posted 10 years ago by Rosk
This is a good replacement for a mask for mobile devices. You are still able to click through the shadow to the text behind.
0 553 posted 10 years ago by ryanfiorini
Originally from: http://webdesignerwall.com/tutorials/css-elastic-videos
0 534 posted 11 years ago by thewickedchemist
1 468 posted 11 years ago by jafar
These are just two css media queries you may want to use for your website development. With lots of smart-phones, and tablets being able to orientate their screens from landscape to portrait, you may want to include different styles for each. This is...
1 434 posted 12 years ago by paul66
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