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Match nested html elements using regular expressions. Replace the first part of the magic "[a-z]+" to search for a specific tag, e.g. "div". Loop the magic on matched parts to create a recursive match.
1 154 posted 6 years ago by pvq
0 101 posted 9 years ago by burnleywallet
For several reasons, including portability, reducing download size, and general code neatness, I like to make all links within a website root relative.
0 97 posted 9 years ago by weboholic
Very simple to use. **Calling:** $files = dirContents(DIR_PATH, [FILTER, [TYPE]]); **Examples:** $files = dirContens("my-dir"); _$files_ is array containing all, both files either directories $files = dirContens("my-dir",...
0 88 posted 10 years ago by Lostindream
0 132 posted 10 years ago by Zwendel
0 87 posted 11 years ago by wokon
3 266 posted 11 years ago by smoover
You can get hostname from script environment - getenv("HTTP_HOST") (?!'.$host.') matches URLs always except local links
0 114 posted 11 years ago by kossmoss
2 157 posted 13 years ago by hyperwhat
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