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A new version of my most popular jQuery plugin -Twitter Friends widget. This version aims to be better looking and easier to setup.
1 468 posted 10 years ago by mikemore
I took this out of an example in tutsplus, and I added a fadeIn action for aesthetic reasons.
0 598 posted 11 years ago by luizlopes
0 455 posted 11 years ago by dmertl
More Info: http://dev.twitter.com/doc/get/statuses/user_timeline
0 331 posted 12 years ago by jens89
1 412 posted 12 years ago by Mosaic
I didn't create this but I have used it man time. It's super easy to implement and customize.
0 523 posted 12 years ago by thehamilton
This source code based on the "friend" example given with Persevere. It is a simple Twitter-like microblogging program. Note that you need to create a class definition file in "WEB-INF\jslib\tweet.js" for it to work.
0 474 posted 13 years ago by rolytyler
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