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This is similar to [example 1](http://snipplr.com/view/77687/wordpress-change-admin-email-to-new-users/) but more portable.
0 98 posted 5 years ago by chrisaiv
enter the full email address you want displayed
0 116 posted 5 years ago by chrisaiv
Eventually, you're going to need to style this website so here are a few tricks
0 75 posted 5 years ago by chrisaiv
If you’d like to show posts from only one category on your homepage, then it’s easy enough to do.
0 90 posted 5 years ago by chrisaiv
Simulates a click on a page with the name you put in the parameter in the onclick function.
1 118 posted 6 years ago by Reiff
Go through all the authors of a wordpress import and make them the same as the previous authors (Wordpress 3.3).
0 77 posted 8 years ago by jcottrell
Delete a page of wordpress posts with one click ("Run" in Firebug or Developer Tools)
0 57 posted 8 years ago by jcottrell
* Set your local path to the wordpress install, in my case was: "/blog/feed" * Edit the var contain = make it set to the selector, in my case I'm populated a list tag <ul></ul>. * Edit the var limit = 5; Set the amount of blog posts you want to dis...
1 191 posted 9 years ago by crypticsoft
You may need to change the IDs around.
2 94 posted 9 years ago by joshvermaire
This piece of code allows to insert text into the tinymce textarea when writing a WordPress plugin for instance.
0 51 posted 9 years ago by tomidle
Code in single.php, loop.php, index.php, page.php, category.php, und archive.php , innerhalb des loops einfügen.
0 80 posted 9 years ago by PM-Webdesign
1 45 posted 9 years ago by spraitas
used on: ezpl theme, header.php just be sure to enqueue for any such scripts BEFORE wp_head(). Otherwise they don't get loaded. That is to say, it's probably best to have wp_head() rigth before </head>.
0 61 posted 9 years ago by mjsiemer
Highlights the current post/page in the Wordpress sidebar.
0 75 posted 10 years ago by dmatranga
Accessing JQuery's $() shortcut within WordPress
1 64 posted 12 years ago by melvitax
0 80 posted 12 years ago by kristin
For a working demo in application/xhtml+xml or text/html, go to: http://rolandog.com/archives/2006/07/10/litebox-demasiado-bueno-para-ser-cierto/ You should delete the multi-line comments after completing the setup, some old browsers will complai...
3 103 posted 14 years ago by rolandog
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