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at December 9, 2008 12:24 by garside

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$.enableConsole = false;
$.fn.console = $.console = function(method){
	if (window.console && console[method] && $.enableConsole)
		console[method].apply(this, [],1))
	return this;

// When debugging code, be sure to set:
$.enableConsole = true; // Or none of your lines will reach the console

// You can call any firebug functions through either the direct jQuery object, or in a chain:
$.console('debug', 'This is some %s text', 'debugging');

// The best part is the ability to use the firebug console chain easily:
var color = '#FFF';
$('#someElement').css('backgroundColor', color).console('log', 'Changing the background color to "%s"', color);

// And the access to the other functions of the firebug console, like time/timeEnd
$('#someElement').console('time', 'timing foo').animate({...}).console('timeEnd', 'timing foo');

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A simple but powerful interface for allowing firebug access functions in the jQuery chain.

See the link above to check out the functions it accepts.

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jQuery to Firebug Logging

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jquery, log

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