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at March 11, 2009 17:00 by kickjoel

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// Resize Profile image

if (Ka.Info.PAGE == "pages/kickPlaceServerSide.jsp") {
    $j('#ka_profileImg span').each(function() {
        var newStyle = $j(this).attr('style').replace('160x120', '320x240');
        $j(this).attr('style', newStyle);
        var newStyle = $j(this).attr('style').replace('160X120', '320X240');
        $j(this).attr('style', newStyle);

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Other available sizes include:

"48X48", "100X75", "160X120", "320X240", "420X315", "730X550"

Place this script in your AC footer.

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KickApps: Change Size of Profile Image

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