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at March 13, 2009 14:47 by 1man

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 * @projectDescription	Simple Equal Columns
 * @author 	Matt Hobbs
 * @version 	0.01 
jQuery.fn.equalCols = function(){
	//Array Sorter
	var sortNumber = function(a,b){return b - a;};
	var heights = [];
	//Push each height into an array
	var maxHeight = heights[0];
	return this.each(function(){
		//Set each column to the max height
		$(this).css({'height': maxHeight});
	//Select the columns that need to be equal e.g

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A very simple plug-in I wrote to make x number of columns equal height. Looks for the column with the biggest height then sets the rest to the same. I'm sure it can be made cleaner, will look into that later.

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Simple jQuery Equal Columns Plug-in

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plugin, jquery, layout

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