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at March 14, 2009 19:02 by apro2000

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				var so = new SWFObject("ep_player.swf", "ep_player", "269", "226", "9", "#FFFFFF");
				so.addVariable("skin", "skins/nobius_blue/skin.xml");
				so.addVariable("playlistxml", "<? echo $playlist; ?>");
				so.addVariable("autoplay", "false");
				so.addVariable("shuffle", "false");
				so.addVariable("buffertime", "1");
				so.addVariable("wmode", "transparent");

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include document ready and standard code to run swfobject smoothly in IE6

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SWFObject 1.5 / IE6 JQUERY Compatible

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javascript, js, flash, jquery, ie6

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