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import java.math.BigInteger;

 * @author Mehdi
public class Launcher {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        System.out.println(BitwiseUtils.doBitwise("00101010", "00001111", 2, BitwiseUtils.BitwiseOperator.XOR));

class BitwiseUtils {
    public enum BitwiseOperator {
        AND, OR, XOR

    public static String doBitwise(String number1, String number2, int radix, BitwiseOperator bitwiseOperator) {
        BigInteger bn1 = new BigInteger(number1, radix);
        BigInteger bn2 = new BigInteger(number2, radix);
        switch (bitwiseOperator) {
            case AND:
                return bn1.and(bn2).toString(radix);
            case OR:
                return bn1.or(bn2).toString(radix);
            case XOR:
                return bn1.xor(bn2).toString(radix);


        return null;

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This Utility Class will receive two big number and do the Bitwise Operation on them using specific radix.

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Big Number Bitwise Operator

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