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Imports IP2Location
Private Sub Query(ByVal strIPAddress As String, billingCountry As String)
    Dim oIPResult As New IP2Location.IPResult
       If strIPAddress <> "" Then
          IP2Location.Component.IPDatabasePath = "C:\\Program Files\\IP2Location\\Database\\IP-COUNTRY.SAMPLE.BIN"
          oIPResult = IP2Location.Component.IPQuery(strIPAddress)
          Select Case oIPResult.Status
          Case "OK"
             If oIPResult.CountryShort = billingCountry Then
               ' buyer is from the same country by IP address
               ' buyer is from the different country by IP address
             End If
          Case "EMPTY_IP_ADDRESS"
               Response.Write("IP Address cannot be blank.")
          Case "INVALID_IP_ADDRESS"
               Response.Write("Invalid IP Address.")
          Case "MISSING_FILE"
               Response.Write("Invalid Database Path.")
          End Select
          Response.Write("IP Address cannot be blank.")
       End If
    Catch ex As Exception
            oIPResult = Nothing
    End Try
End Sub

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Checking customer's IP address if is match with billing address is one of the simple steps in order to prevent fraud. If you are looking for sample codes to validate that the transaction is being requested by the real cardholder, see below.

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Credit Card Fraud Prevention Using VB.NET

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