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jQuery.extend(jQuery, {
	checkFunction: function(fPointer, lastFpPointer){
		var newFunction = false;
			newFunction = fPointer;
		}else if (/\(.*\)/igm.test(fPointer)){
			newFunction = new Function(fPointer);
				var mayBeFunction = (eval(fPointer));
					newFunction = mayBeFunction;
					newFunction = lastFpPointer;
				newFunction =lastFpPointer;
		return newFunction;

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Hi, all, this is the "checkFunction" extension for jQuery.

This extension takes two parameters:

   1.  fPointer
         This parameter is the "possible" function to check

         1.1   This parameter can be a String that is a function pointer   

         1.2   This parameter can be a function
                     ex: function(idUser){alert('Edit User '+idUser);}

         1.3   This parameter can be a String that is a function body
                     ex: "alert('Edit User');"

   2.   lastFpPointer
           This parameter is the function by default if the fpPointer is not a valid function

           2.1   This parameter must be a function
                      ex: function(){}

This extension makes possibles to get any possible representation of a function and detect if it exist.

If it exist return it like a correct function.

If doesn't exist the default function will be returned.

The use of this extension:


     -  jQuery.checkFunction("EditUser", function(){});

       returns EditUser

     -  jQuery.checkFunction("EditUser ();alert('Edit Launched');", function(){});

       returns  function(){EditUser ();alert('Edit Launched');}

     -  jQuery.checkFunction(EditUser, function(){});

       returns  EditUser


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Check functions jQuery extension

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javascript, jquery, function

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