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Revision: 2357
at February 3, 2007 17:10 by spider

Initial Code
svn add . --force
svn ci -m "initial rails import"
svn up
svn remove log/*
svn commit -m "removing all log files from subversion"
svn propset svn:ignore "*.*" log/
svn update log/
svn ci -m "Ignoring all files in /log/ ending in .log"
svn up
svn add config/lighttpd.conf
svn ci -m "added lighttpd conf file"
svn up
svn move config/database.yml config/database.example
svn commit -m "Moving database.yml to database.example to provide a template for anyone who checks out the code"
svn propset svn:ignore "database.yml" config/
svn update config/
svn commit -m "Ignoring database.yml"
svn remove tmp/*
svn propset svn:ignore "*" tmp/
svn update tmp/
svn commit -m "ignore tmp/ content from now"

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Add RubyOnRails application to svn repository

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svn, rails, ruby

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