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at October 28, 2009 11:49 by HologramX

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Imports System
Imports EnvDTE80
Imports System.Diagnostics

Public Module AttachToWebServer

    Public Sub AttachToWebServer()

        Dim AspNetWp As String = "aspnet_wp.exe"
        Dim W3WP As String = "w3wp.exe"

        If Not (AttachToProcess(AspNetWp)) Then
            If Not AttachToProcess(W3WP) Then
                System.Windows.Forms.MessageBox.Show(String.Format("Process {0} or {1} Cannot Be Found", AspNetWp, W3WP), "Attach To Web Server Macro")
            End If
        End If

    End Sub

    Public Function AttachToProcess(ByVal ProcessName As String) As Boolean

        Dim Processes As EnvDTE.Processes = DTE.Debugger.LocalProcesses
        Dim Process As EnvDTE.Process
        Dim ProcessFound As Boolean = False

        For Each Process In Processes
            If (Process.Name.Substring(Process.Name.LastIndexOf("\") + 1) = ProcessName) Then
                ProcessFound = True
            End If

        AttachToProcess = ProcessFound

    End Function

End Module

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Tools > Macro IDE > Add new item to MyMacros > Select Module, Name 'AttachToWebServer' > Copy/paste code.

To set as a keyboard shortcut go to Tools > Options > Keyboard, and search for the name of the macro (AttachToWebServer) and then assign a keyboard shortcut.

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Attach to w3wp.exe keyboard shortcut macro for Visual Studio

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Visual Basic