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at October 31, 2009 17:56 by chrisaiv

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	public class Singleton
		private static var _instance:Singleton;
		private static var _okToCreate:Boolean = false;
		public function Singleton()
			if( !_okToCreate ){
				throw new Error("Error: " + this + 
					" is not a singleton and must be " + 
					"accessed with the getInstance() method");				
		public static function getInstance():Singleton
			if( !Singleton._instance ){
				_okToCreate = true;
				_instance = new Singleton();
				_okToCreate = false;
			return _instance;

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There are a variety of ways to create a Singleton in AS3 but because Adobe wants to be ECMA compliant, there's no way to do it (like in Java) using a private constructor.  Writing a singleton this way will give you a runtime warning if something goes wrong.

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AS3: My favorite example of Singleton

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ActionScript 3