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at January 13, 2010 09:43 by cardiffblogger

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<script type="text/javascript">
AjaxControlToolkit.ToolkitScriptManager ajax = (AjaxControlToolkit.ToolkitScriptManager)this.Page.Master.FindControl("ScriptManager1");
if(ajax != null) ajax.AsyncPostBackTimeout = 600;

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If you wish to set an ASyncPostBackTrigger in ScriptManager for AJAX.NET, using ASyncPostBackTrigger="xxx" causes Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc. to timeout on partial page postback, using this javascript to set the ASyncPostBackTrigger (instead of the tag on the ScriptManager) will allow this to work.

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JavaScript to set ASyncPostBackTrigger in .NET

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ajax, javascript, Net, aspnet

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