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at February 17, 2010 09:11 by Flocke

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	              <div class="type-select">
	                <label for="more">More Options</label>
	                <select name="more" id="more" size="1">
	                  <option value="0" selected="selected" disabled="disabled">Please choose</option>
	                  <optgroup label="First options to choose from">
	                    <option value="Empfehlung">Option 1</option>
	                    <option value="Suchmaschine">Option 2</option>
	                  <optgroup label="Yet more options to choose from">
	                    <option value="Weblog">Option 3</option>
	                    <option value="Werbung">Option 4</option>
	                    <option value="Zeitung / Magazin">Option 5</option>
	                    <option value="Sonstiges">Option 6</option>

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YAML-Formular Select

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form, textmate

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