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at February 19, 2010 11:08 by Jamie

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<dl id="slidedeck" class="slidedeck">
	<dt>Slide 1</dt>
	<dd>Slide content</dd>
	<dt>Slide 2</dt>
	<dd>Slide content</dd>
	<dt>Slide 3</dt>
	<dd>Slide content</dd>
	<dt>Slide 4</dt>
	<dd>Slide content</dd>
	<dt>Slide 5</dt>
	<dd>Slide content</dd>
<script type="text/javascript">
	var MySlideDeck = $('#slidedeck').css({
		width: '900px',
		height: '300px'
	// initialize an autoplay switch
	var autoPlay = false;			
	function myLoop(){
		// only advance slides when the mouse is over.
			// Check to see if the current slide is the last slide
			if(MySlideDeck.current == MySlideDeck.slides.length){
				// This is the last slide, go to the first slide
			} else {
				// This is not the last slide, go to the next slide;

	setInterval(myLoop,2000);	// Run the myLoop() function every 2 seconds (2000 miliseconds)
	// set autoplay to on when the mouse enters
		autoPlay = true;
	// set autoplay to off when the mouse leaves
		autoPlay = false;
	// set autoplay to off when the mouse clicks
		autoPlay = false;


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This is assuming that you have SlideDeck loaded already.

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SlideDeck autoplay on mouse enter

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