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at June 19, 2007 05:35 by mswallace

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// Imports
      import flash.filesystem.FileMode;
      import flash.filesystem.FileStream;
      import flash.filesystem.File;
      // Declare the FileStream and String variables

      private var _fileStream:FileStream;
      private var _fileContents:String;
      private function onCreationComplete():void // Fired when the application has been created


      var myFile:File = File.appResourceDirectory; // Create out file object and tell our File Object where to look for the file

      myFile = myFile.resolve("mySampleFile.txt"); // Point it to an actual file

      _fileStream = new FileStream(); // Create our file stream

      _fileStream.addEventListener(ProgressEvent.PROGRESS, onFileProgress); // Add our the progress event listener

      _fileStream.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, onFileComplete); // Add our the complete event listener
      _fileStream.openAsync(myFile, FileMode.READ); // Call the openAsync() method instead of open()

      private function onFileProgress(p_evt:ProgressEvent):void // Event handler for the PROGRESS Event
      _fileContents += _fileStream.readMultiByte(_fileStream.bytesAvailable, "iso-8859-1"); // Read the contens of the file and add to the contents variable
      fileContents_txt.text = _fileContents; // Display the contents. I've created a TextArea on the stage for display
      private function onFileComplete(p_evt:Event):void // Event handler for the COMPLETE event

      _fileStream.close(); // Clean up and close the file stream

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This code shows you how to load large files using as3. This is good for loading in large files. Flash Player will fire events as the data becomes available.

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Reading a file Asynchronously with ActionScript 3

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ActionScript 3