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<cfsetting showdebugoutput="yes">

<Cfset personnel.jobtitle = "Webmaster">
<cfset personnel.location = "The dungeon">
<cfset personnel.skills = "Can program and stuff">
<cfset = "Bob Jones">

<cfset thisPath = ExpandPath("*.*")>
<cfset thisDirectory = GetDirectoryFromPath(thisPath)>

<!--- Get the RTF data from the base file --->
<Cffile action="read" file="#thisDirectory#\pagepart.txt" variable="PagePart">

<!--- Replace the placeholders with data --->
<Cfset pagePart = replacenocase(pagepart, '~~~recordFor~~~', 'Bob Jones') >
<Cfset pagePart = replacenocase(pagepart, '~~~jobtitle~~~', 'Devision Head') >
<Cfset pagePart = replacenocase(pagepart, '~~~workLocation~~~', 'Office') >
<Cfset pagePart = replacenocase(pagepart, '~~~skills~~~', 'Management') >

<!--- Get the image and convert to Hex --->
<cffile action="readbinary" file="#thisDirectory#\please_buy_cookies.jpg" variable="getImage">
<Cfset getImage = binaryencode(getImage, 'hex') >

<!--- Replace image placeholder with image data --->
<Cfset pagePart = replacenocase(pagepart, '~~~image~~~', getImage) >

<!--- Push to the users computer as if they asked to download a file. --->
<cfheader name="Content-Disposition" value="attachment; filename=test.rtf">
<CFCONTENT TYPE="application/rtf" ><CFOUTPUT>#pagePart#</CFOUTPUT>

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Putting images into an RTF document

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